Rules for the Organization

  1. The Show is entitled WORLD CUP SIGHTHOUND .
    Any other denomination is excluded.
    It is provided (for every breed, male and female ) with :
    The minimal qualification for the 3 Titles is the note “Excellent”.
    Intermediate, Open, Working, Breeding and Champion Classes compete together for the WORLD CUP SIGHTHOUND.
    WORLD CUP JUNIOR SIGHTHOUND is allowed only in Youth class.
    WORLD CUP VETERAN SIGHTHOUND is allowed only in Veteran class.
    The 3 Cups are not cumulated.
  2. The country requiring the organization must designate an official Delegate-Person in charge approved by the leading Kennel Club (recognized by the FCI) of this organizing country.
    The request is addressed to the Secretary-general :
    Jean Brixhe Avenue de l’Observatoire, 215/24. B 4000 Liège Belgium
    After the candidature is agreed, a guarantee of 300 euros is to send on the account of the WCS.
    It will be refunded after the show.
  3. Logo WCS must be reproduced on all the documents, bulletins of inscriptions, advertisements, diplomas, etc…
  4. Diplomas with logo WCS must be given to each Winner.
  5. The list of the Judges to be invited must be proposed (before publication) at the Committee WCS. In any case, the same Judge cannot have judged the same breeds in WCS during the 5 years which precedes.
    The Judges must be of a country where the Standard FCI is of application.
    Other judges can exceptionally be agreed with a file to the WCS Secretary (50 % maximum of the jury).
    The organizer has to check the reputation of the Judges (knowledges of the Sighthounds, welfare of his dogs/kennel…).
    The Best in SHOW (BIS) must be judged only by one (1) Judge alone.
    The rules of judgements must be communicated to the Judges in writing before the Show.
  6. The organizer must establish (with a file) that it is able to accommodate 500 Sighthounds, with all the infrastructure necessary.
  7. He has to propose at least 2 dates for the organization.
  8. The organizer is held to carry out advertisements of WCS in the specialized magazines of the adjoining countries and to distribute registration forms, in these same countries, at the latest 3 months before the organization.
  9. The breeds of Sighthounds taking part to WCS must be recognized by the FCI.
    In principle, these are only the breeds of the FCI Group 10.
    However, each organization may submit a motivated request, to the Secretary-general WCS, for the extension to breeds of Sighthounds (recognized by the FCI) of the FCI Group 5.
  10. The names of the Members of the WCS Committee must be published in the Catalog of the Show.
    The WCS Committee will designate a Delegate at each WCS SHOW. The Organization of the WCS SHOW is required to bear the fees (travel, hotel, meals …) of this Delegate according to the dispositions of the FCI Rules for the Judges.
  11. The Judges-expenses must be paid according to FCI Rules.
  12. The taxes and expenses to be paid by the organizer of the WCS SHOW to the account of the WCS are established by the WCS Committee.
    On 01.01.2019 : 1,5 euro per entry in the catalog. To be paid within 8 days after the closure of the entries.
  13. The organizer must forward a catalog completed with all the results to the Secretary-general of the WCS Committee, at the latest 1 month after the Show.
  14. The points not settled by these Rules are settled by the WCS Committee in accordance with the FCI Rules.